We create uniques and exclusives homes

An Acuratt home

The acquisition of a home is one of the most important decisions that a family, partner or person takes throughout their life. We do not choose any space, but the space in which we are going to live and share the most intimate moments of our lives with whom we most want.

That’s why Acuratt offers projects designed by our best architects and builders, to make functional and modern homes, taking care every detail to ensure all kinds of comforts.

“Our main objective is to create homes with unique style, unique and exclusive”

Acuratt - casa Francesc d'Assis Mataró

Who we are?

We are a professional team dedicated to purchase, rehabilitation and sale of charming homes. We keep original elements to create a quality interior design, offering a functional, modern and all types of amenities.

“Our main objective is to create unique and exclusive homes” –Acuratt

Acuratt was born by the promoter Absis Grupo Inmobiliario, with more than 40 years of experience, to create a differential added value. We work with Real Estate in the province of Barcelona with a direct sale service.

With a fresh and innovative focus and a detailed knowledge of the sector, we have built a solid and reliable reputation, offering a personal and distinguished treatment, committing ourselves in all stages of the different projects to create unique and exclusive homes.

Acuratt is a people dream come true. A dream of professionals who love design and at the same time appreciate the essence of the traditional spirit, creating spaces with charm and personality.

Our values


Your home is our home. Therefore, our obligation is to involve us as much as we can to create the perfect home to be able to fulfill your dreams and be happy.


For the commitment a good team of professionals is required. Each of them contributes their talent and values to achieve it. Our 40 years of experience in the sector guarantee us.


Do not expect good results if there is a lack of passion. They say that work ceases to be work when one loves what he does. Luckily, this, our team is very clear about it.


Each and every one of the materials used are carefully selected to follow the Acuratt aesthetics. Modern, sophisticated and elegant, to convey our passion for work well done.


We have the best creative and architectural team. Thanks to them, we managed to project the best ideas and trends in interior design, to create dream homes, unique and exclusive.


We have the exclusivity of offering our customers the finishes that make them happier. A home is not home, until we feel identified with it. Do you help us create the home of your dreams?

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